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Renter's Insurance

Why should I get renter's insurance?

If disaster strikes, you could lose all your furniture, clothing, electronics, kitchenware, and more. Renter’s insurance is designed to protect you against these losses. According to the Insurance Information Institute, less than 40% of all renters carry insurance.


The average cost of Renter’s Insurance is around $15 a month. The cost depends on where you live, what coverage your purchase, and other factors.

Your Landlord carries insurance on their property, but only covers the building and permanent attachments like the water heater, stove or bathtub. Your personal items are not protected by the Landlords insurance.

  • Why is my landlord evicting me?
  • I moved out, how do I get my deposit back?"
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  • My lease is expiring and my landlord won't let me renew it. What can I do?
    Nothing. You cannot force your landlord to continue renting to you when your lease is expired.
  • Why can I not clean the carpet myself?
    We require professional carpet cleaning to preserve the life of the carpet. Home machines do not perform the deep cleaning necessary.
  • Why did I receive a notice when I paid the rent on the 5th of the month?
    As outlined in this handbook and in your Lease Agreement, rent is always due on the 1st day of each month. Late fees are charged starting on the 5th day of the month. Once the 10th day of the month passes, we begin preparing Notices to Pay or Quit. Sometimes we serve the Notice to Pay or Quit and then receive your payment before you receive the Notice. Sunlight PM serves Notices based on Landlord/Tenant law requirements and their obligations to the Owner of the property.
  • Can I have a satellite dish?
    Most rentals allow a satellite dish, but you must submit a request to Sunlight PMand pay an additional deposit. You also take responsibility for removing the dish and repairing any damage. If there is no damage after removal, your deposit will be refunded. Call your management team for details.
  • I did not have a pet when i moved in; can I have a pet now?
    Submit a request to Sunlight PM to see if a pet is permissible. Do not move a pet into the property or agree to purchase a pet without first receiving written permission. The Property Manager must contact the Owner and receive permission. If a pet is permitted, Sunlight PMwill require an increased deposit and a signed Pet Addendum. If your request is rejected, abide by the decision. Moving a pet in without permission will result in hefty fines and possible eviction.
  • What happens if my pet dies or runs away, can I have my increased security deposit back?"
    No, all security deposits remain in a trust account until the lease is terminated, all tenants have vacated the property, and we regain possession. Until a property is completely vacant, there is no way to inspect the home thoroughly.
  • What happens if I want another pet or wish to replace a pet?
    You are not allowed to add or replace a pet without permission from Sunlight PM. Submit your request in writing. If you are authorized to add a pet, or increase the number of pets, a new Pet Addendum and an increased deposit will be required.
  • My roommate wants to move, but I want to stay. What do I do now?"
    All Tenants must submit a written request to have someone removed from the lease. Sunlight PM will not refund any portion of the security deposit since it is a condition of your rental agreement. You and your roommate will have to settle any funds owed to each other, including any or all of the security deposit. There will be a fee associated with any lease modification.
  • How do I add a roommate to the lease?
    The prospective roommate must submit an Application to Rent and pay the associated fee. Sunlight PM will screen the Applicant to the same standard as anyone else. If the application is denied, they cannot move into the property. If it is approved, you and the new Tenant must sign a new Lease Agreement prior to them moving in. There will be a fee associated with any lease modification.
  • Why do the Owners want to see the property?
    Owners typically view their property to ensure it is being properly maintained by Sunlight PM and the Tenants in an effort to protect their investment. They occasionally want to review the property and look for ways to improve the premises. We will always try to respect your privacy by scheduling visits as far in advance as possible.
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