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Giving Notice

Make moving out a breeze...

You will eventually move and we want you to be prepared when this is time comes. Tenants are required to give a written notice of their intent to move at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled move-out date. You can submit this notice through the tenant portal or complete a form in the office.

You remain responsible for the entire 30 days, even if you move out earlier. This includes paying the rent and utilities, maintaining the property (e.g. landscaping), etc.


NOTE: The Security Deposit cannot be applied towards last month’s rent or any other charge until after your lease is terminated and you have vacated the rental. If you do not pay your last month’s rent, we will proceed with a forcible eviction proceeding.

See the Tenant Resources page for the cleaning guide and other useful moving out resources

Giving Notice Checklist

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